A day in the life… Mobile Business with the iSAPERION App

7:00 am

Energized from breakfast, I bid farewell to my family and head out the door. I’m on my way to an appointment with a partner in order to discuss new features for the SAPERION ECM Suite. My destination is the partner’s office in Leipzig. The previous evening I had used the German Rail’s iPhone app to find a convenient train schedule from Berlin to Leipzig. The maps app even stored the short walk from the train station.

7:45 am

Car is in the parking deck and I am sitting comfortably in the train in front of my second cup of hot coffee. I use this time to take a look at submitted feature articles and user stories with our iSAPERION app. I make a few notes on the documents. Before I know it, the train is pulling into Leipzig.

8:45 am

On my way to the partner’s office. The maps app on iPad guides me through the pleasantly restored city center.

9:00 am

I arrive right on time. Following a warm reception, we take a close look at the submitted drafts and clear up several open points on a flip chart.
I arranged ahead of time with our director of development that he would be reachable in order to resolve any questions that I cannot answer myself. It was a good thing I did. I used the iPhone to take several pictures of the flipcharts during our conversation and archived those photos to the Feature Records in iSAPERION. It was then a simple matter of sending him links to the pictures and asking for a return call.

11:10 am

The director of development calls and discusses the open points with us. Before calling, he added a few comments of his own to the images. With Wi-Fi access, I was able to print the images on a network printer. From there, we were ready to continue our discussion.

12:15 pm

We finished up much earlier than expected, giving me some free time in the afternoon. So I take a quick look into the XING app to see if any friends or colleagues are in the area. It just so happens that one of my colleagues is visiting a customer only 10 minutes away by taxi. Like me, he was ready for lunch, so I headed in his direction.

While in the taxi, I check my messages on iPhone. A friend of mine used the Facebook app to ask me a favor. He needs a ride home from work because his car won’t start in the cold weather. We had previously agreed to meet this afternoon for badminton. I write back that I can pick him up.

1:30 pm

After lunch I am sitting with my colleague over a cup of coffee. We discuss a few of the things requested by the customer. Fortunately, he has entered these items into our Features Requests, so all we need to do is open the iSAPERION app on the iPad. I take a few more notes because I will later speak with the developers who are handling these products. A short time later, I am headed back to the train station. A quick glance into the Rail app confirms that I can catch the next train if I hurry.

2:45 pm

Once again I am sitting comfortably in the train. I have time to write down a few more points from my appointment with the partner. I can then add my report to the Features Record and forward it to the partner. A quick glance into “My tasks” in the iSAPERION app reveals two invoices that require my attention. I was able to approve one of them immediately. I needed more information before approving the other one, so I returned it to accounting. One of my colleagues submitted an investment proposal for approval. Her request involves translation of the SAPERION GUI into Norwegian. She provided good reasons for making the investment, so I was happy to approve it. Then there were three sets of travel expenses that required and received my approval. I use the final 10 minutes of my train ride to read through the two most recent posts on our blog (MoReq2010 Support and E-Mail vs. Web Content Archiving).

4:15 am

I pick up one more thing in the train station and then take a quick look at the maps app on iPhone to see where I should pick up my friend. Satisfied with the day’s results, I walk happily to my car in the parking deck.


Der Einstieg in die iSAPERION App

Getting started with iSAPERION



Anyone who is interested in learning more about iSAPERION should take a look at the screenshots in the App Store, beginning with those shown here at left.


Co-Autoren: Doreen Böhme and Martin Bartonitz

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