ACM, BPM, ECM … It’s About A Spectrum Of Process Functionality says BPM Specialist Sandy Kemsley

Sandy Kemsley process differentiation

Sandy Kemsley process differentiation

Since two years there are some discussions about the types of processes and how to manage them best with what type of three-letter-acronyms like BPM, ACM, DCM, ECM, RMS, DLM, ERP, CRM, BOP, BPO, BRM or what ever you may imagine. Know the BPM Specialist Sandy Kemsley has posted her new article It’s Not About BPM vs. ACM, It’s About A Spectrum Of Process Functionality saying that it makes no sense to take different tools for different types of processes. Its better to to work the process types together in a cohesive environment. The comments to her post are quite interesting, have a look to them.

I do fully agree with Sandy! I posted the like in a (sorry) German written article some months ago about bringing ECM and BPM together: Es wächst zusammen, was zusammen gehört: BPM und ECM. In Gleichberechtigung? Oder wird einer assimiliert?

Another German BPM specialist, Dr. Guido Fischermann, CEO of ibo Consulting and Training, posted another interesting (again sorry for German writing) article to differentiate the several types of processes last month: ACM, ECM, STP, MfG, ojemine … Es kommt auf den Prozesstyp an.

Guido Fischermanns Prozessprofil

Guido Fischermanns Prozessprofil

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