MoReq2010 – Records Management Rant

Usually, I am pretty positive about a bunch of people meeting up and deciding about how to make the (software) world a better place. Particularly if this bunch includes me! I was devastated though, to be part of the DLM Forum’s spring meeting this year. Not only did I see my concerns about the future of MoReq2 confirmed, but I had to learn that now we have another bunch of people who are working to make MoReq2010 the RM standard that could (or would, or should? Whatever.). Now, this in itself is not news anymore, as others have brokered information like this to the general public much sooner.

The (comparatively new) news is that the new standard will -of course- be incompatible with the old one:

“However, we will be deriving a new entity and metadata model for MoReq2010, from first principles, and will not be trying to build on the entity and metadata model from MoReq2.  This is one of the few areas of the specification where we cannot provide backwards compatibility with MoReq2, because of differences in the way the MoReq2 metadata model was defined.” (Source)

Slim MoReq2010 is supposed to broaden MoReq(2)’s acceptance among software vendors and users alike by drawing on the strengths that MoReq2 had, and the first thing these good people do is breaking compatibility by introducing a new data model? Tell that them software developers and they will love you (not that it really matters, but I love the sound of “breaking”). I also tend to agree with one of the early commenters on the public consultation site: this is just the moment everyone needs just another metadata and element schema.

While there’s certainly merit in working on an easier-to-use RM standard than MoReq2 was and would ever become, I still see the danger of this effort becoming irrelevant. With MoReq2 out of the way, there is no European standard for RM as it is that anyone with a sane mind could use. MoReq2010 is slated to be released in early 2011, according to what I hear – until then, software vendors will play wait and see (as they did before). After that, MoReq2010 will be adopted only if someone can answer the $1M question “show me the money”, the answer of which has been an utter failure for MoReq2. When bored beyond belief by MoReq’s struggle for world domination, software vendors will apply for DoD certification, if they can afford and don’t already have that. At this point in time, MoReq2010 will have become a nuisance, not more.

As an afterthought, I think I really like this:

“[...] The consultation portal is web-based, easy to use, and utilises <bleep> Corporation’s <bleep> software. <bleep> is a well established vehicle for hosting public consultation and widely used as a public communication and consultation platform in the UK government sector.” (Original)

Product placement in public statements of the DLM Forum? Simple. Really simple.

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  • Dr. Martin Bartonitz

    Immerhin hatte der rein Deutschsprachige Standard DOMEA es schon etwas weiter gebracht. Ich kann mich erinnern, dass für die Version 1 immerhin 2 handvoll Hersteller aus DACH zertifiziert waren. Die Version 2 hatten aber auch schon weniger mitgemacht, aber auch hier geht es wohl bergab mit dem RM-Interesse der Hersteller.

    Comment | 15 July 2010
  • Hello Volker, sitting next to you at the DLM Forum conference in Barcelona, I could see and feel you shaking your head. It is a pitty that the DLM community did not put any emphasis in the dissemination of MoReq2 first but launched a new initiative for MoReq2010. Marc Fresko had proposed to use MoReq2 until MoReq2010 will be available. Yes, there are parts of MoReq2 which need re-design or “re-interpretation”, but now all activities for MoReqe have stopped and we see nothing but a big gap. In parallel the ISA has started an initiative to make their standards for records management an ISO standard, although these documents do not have the quality and completeness like MoReq2.
    As member of the MGB MoReq Governance Board I want to encourage you to take active part in the development of MoReq2010 and add value to the the discussion portal: http://contribute2moreq.eu/.
    Only if those who are engaged in Records Management join in, MoReq will have a chance in the future.

    Kind regards,

    Ulrich Kampffmeyer

    Comment | 19 July 2010
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    Pingback | 19 July 2010
  • The DLM Forum announced In March 2010, that it has signed a contract for the development of a new edition of MoReq, to be known MoReq2010.
    MoReq2010 developed on an open, consultative basis.

    Comment | 27 July 2010

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