Our fifth wish for BPMN 2.1 – context menu offerings

Here is our fifth wish in respect to missing attributes of an human task. Depending on the culture of a company or the importance of a workflow item the user may be or not possible to call several functions, e.g.:

  • put the task into the resubmission tray until a defined date
  • show the process history for checking the prior performers may be to call one
  • show the process diagramm to knowing in which context the work has to be done
  • declare to be not responsible, so the owner should get the item to decide who should do the work
  • delegate the task to another colleague, because he did such cases often. Here the selection of another user should be restricted to one of the same group the item was initially sent to.

Because these attributes are missing in BPMN 2.0 we asked Signavio to offer them within their Process Editor as well as other missing SAPERION relevant attributes as shown in the following graphic:

SAPERION specific attributes to control the behavior of the contect menu of a work item in the user interface

SAPERION specific attributes to control the behavior of the contect menu of a work item in the user interface

After deploying the process diagramm from Signavio to SAPERION these special attributes are delivered within an extra tag-sector in the BPMN 2.0 XML-file and our transformer is mapping them to the corresponding SAPERION Workflow attribute.

Shure, not every context menu item may make sense to be part of the BPMN standardisation. But for supporting human-centric processes there is a need to think about how to control the behavior of a single human task.

Do you know other menu items or functionality which should be offered to an user?

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  • Hi Martin,

    I don’t think that it make Sense, because bpmn is not tied to human workflows. The things you describe are mostly implementation specific. I would prefer if there would be a space for custom attributes.
    This would allow the implementation specific extension. Standards have all the Problem. Either they have too less features, so they need a lot of extensions or they have too much features and are hard to support.
    But at the moment, BPMN is One of the Best I know. So let us work on it, but we should not extend it too much :)

    Comment | 30 October 2010
  • Dr. Martin Bartonitz

    You say “bpmn is not tied to human workflows”. This is the half of truth. BPMN describes processes and mostly those where humans are involved, and therefore BPMN is be tied to human activities. But BPMN is not tied yet in repsect to human workflow yet, because the described missing features where not yet considered. But the orchestration of web services had been considered. I think that the muan workflower weren´t enough part of the standardisation process yet. And this has to be changed in the next iteration of BPMN spec.

    Comment | 31 October 2010

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