Our seventh wish to BPMN 2.1 in respect of process execution – technical grouping activity

This is is a simple one but just helpful. Last week I followed a discussion  about how to model in BPMN if there are more than one tasks to be done by the user who started with. The recommandation was to not use one human activity and write “do this and that and …”. Just take so many tasks as necessary to not use “and”. But: from the perspective of a workflow environment in the most cases these task are done within one say it application or form not committing each task to the workflow engine and getting back to the task list and starting tehn the next task, because the logic using these tasks is covered by the application. The users will tap their forehead, they want not to click too much! Acceptance  away.

The solution must be something like a technical activity which is grouping the corresponding user activities and it should cover the necessary parameters to control the application.

The modeling tools should be able to switch between the views showing only the technical activity for the IT engineer or the expanded one to the business users.

The workflow engine should use only the attributes of the technical activity to control the process.

Then the users will be happy again.

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  • Martin

    What you describe looks like screenflows of the former BEA Aqualogic.

    I believe things like this shouldn’t be brought on BPMN level because it makes the diagram too vulnerable to minor procedural changes. I blogged about it some time ago:

    Besides, when one gets too deep into such micromanagement he tends to miss collaboration completely much is far more important things from business perspective.

    Kind regards

    Comment | 29 December 2010

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