Process on Voice: Process modeling via voice recognition

Here’s an idea that I find particularly innovative. Each year at Signavio Code Camp, participants pursue exciting projects that are designed to further improve the simplicity of process modeling with the Signavio Process Editor.

One of the teams focused on harnessing the power of speech recognition to improve process modeling. Instead of using mouse and keypad to put individual process tasks in order, models can be created by voice. Signavio Process Editor generates the associated model in real time as the user speaks.

This technology is well suited for use with smartphones, iPad and other tablets, but also for speech-based devices like Google Glasses.

Once the process framework has been recorded, the user adds a few SAPERION workflow parameters, deploys the model in the SAPERION Workflow Engine, and then it’s ready to go :-).

The product is still in the prototype phase. But our colleagues at Signavio tell us we can look forward to more progress in this area.

Dieser Artikel in Deutsch: Process on Voice: Prozessmodellierung mittels Spracherkennung

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