simply certified – SAPERION interfaces to SAP receive certification

I am pleased to relate that SAPERION’s interface products for connecting to SAP were successfully certified in late September. Since testing is performed “only” every three years, I once again had the pleasure of accompanying the SAP certification process.

During this round we recertified SAPERION ECM R/Link for SAP® for the SAP ArchiveLink interface. The connection to SAP ILM through WebDAV in the context of our new product SAPERION ECM Data Archiving for SAP ILM was certified for the first time.

Certification for ArchiveLink (precise SAP designation is BC-AL 6.20 ArchiveLink for Archiving Systems) was almost routine. The procedure had not changed, so we knew ahead of time what to expect and how the testing would proceed. Bottom line: we wrapped up pretty quickly.

In contrast, there was a bit of nervousness during certification for SAP BC-ILM 3.0 – SAP ILM – WebDAV Storage Interface 3.0. Our SAPERION product is new, certification in version 3.0 was also new, and we did not know the SAP certifier. As a result, the stage was set for a tense couple of days.

Certification for SAP ArchiveLink includes examination of all SAP ArchiveLink scenarios. Specifically, the following was tested:

  • Archiving with barcodes
  • Archiving and display of print lists
  • Data archiving
  • Archiving of outbound documents
  • OLE functionality for displaying documents.

We once again performed the universally loved ArchiveLink load test as an extension to the certification. This test measures the number of archived, outbound documents that pass through SAP to SAPERION each hour. We were truly pleased with the results.

Since many customers have had only minor exposure to SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM), allow me to provide a brief overview below.

SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management can help you decommission SAP systems that have reached the end of their service life yet simultaneously retain unrestricted access to the data contained in the systems with auditing and reporting functions. Configurable retention rules let you adjust the duration of archiving for specific documents in order to comply with relevant internal guidelines or legal requirements. You can also bundle data related to open legal cases and place them on hold until the legal dispute has been resolved.” (Source)

It is important to note that the SAP ILM interface is not a replacement for functionality contained in ArchiveLink. The SAP ILM interface is based on SAP data archiving and expands this with compliance functionality for retention guidelines in SAP. In addition, it can also be used for decommissioning SAP systems. Likewise, documents that were archived through ArchiveLink – SAPERION ECM R/Link can be given retention deadlines in SAP (and thereby also in SAPERION) through this interface. Deletion of data and documents is then controlled through SAP. Of course, in this application scenario SAPERION Records Management is also required.

Looking back, I can say that we were all a bit nervous and excited about the certification. But we succeeded and are now simply certified.

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