WoW! Who will change his Way of Working with paper on the 28th of October with AIIM?

AIIM proclamed the 28th of October as the paperless day, the WoW-day. There will be lots of web meetings and real live meetings as well. The aim is to awake everybody to think about where better to use electronic documents instead of paper. These are the just mentioned possiblities:

  1. Use document scanners to convert paper documents to electronic format through document scanning then shred them – if allowed by law and industry – and send the shredded paper for recycling
  2. Do not print or copy any documents unless absolutely required. Send all documents via e-mail or electronic fax as the preferred method to your customers.
  3. If you do have to print, be sure to spell/grammar check before you print to eliminate reprinting. Also, try saving or printing to PDF instead.
  4. Use Web 2.0 technologies like wikis and blogs for internal communication and collaboration
  5. Use single source repositories and shared digital workspaces to develop, manage and refine documents like contracts, marketing materials and any other type requiring review and refinement
  6. Use web interfaces and forms for online applications and order placement, replace paper forms with eForms
  7. Sign up for e-bill delivery or online billing from your suppliers rather than paper statements, and pay your bills electronically
  8. Develop and deliver all promotional materials in electronic form rather than paper using links and downloads for online and thumb drives or CD media at tradeshows and seminars
  9. Map, design and manage all business processes electronically. You can begin by mapping the processes and assessing how they can be improved as they are, then address process automation using what you currently own and/or may purchase
  10. When a signature is required, match the signature solution to the signature requirements. While “click-wrap” is the easiest and most common, there are numerous options. Electronic signature tablets similar to those used in retail are one option; you can even get them sophisticated enough to capture the unique biometric characteristics of each individual for future comparison if the signature is questioned
  11. Sign up for the digital versions of all trade magazines and newsletters, and make sure others in your organization do the same
  12. Use direct Printed Barcode on the corrugated boxes or on the Product manual or use other Emboss technique for object tagging & Retrieving on the product itself instead of separate Paper based barcode stickers.
  13. Paper is widely used between Business to Customer, Business to Business, Government to Business Vise Versa, and Customer to Business for day to day transaction purposes. Government & Corporate have to frame policy & implement paper less processes. Elevate, educate and provide Hands-on support to the non IT savvy customers to use self service applications. This Reduce paper transaction cost, Increase customer base through customer satisfaction.
  14. Outsource paper document digitization to a document imaging company. You may get more cost benefit outsourcing to a company that focuses entirely on scanning than trying to keep the scanning in house.
  15. Where possible convert your paper based data capture to e-Forms.
  16. Encourage end users to upload scanned copies instead of mailing the documents

For smarter business processes see as well: 8 Reasons to Abandon Paper Signatures Forever

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